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The information here is intended to be a relatively brief overview of transportation options in Jordan, while individual stage pages will contain more details about how to reach each specific location. A very exhaustive and frequently updated resource on Jordanian transport is found at Jordan Jubilee, which also provides an awe-inspiring amount of other information for travelers in the country. You will probably find it an invaluable resource as a visitor.


You can make your way around much of Jordan using the public minibuses, JETT buses and sometimes private vans which run along various routes, picking up passengers when flagged down.


The two bus systems function quite differently: the minibuses do not run according to any schedule, but leave when full; they also run less frequently or not at all on Fridays and national holidays. To reach a given destination, you should head to the nearest large town, and ask around for where to find a bus to your destination. Especially in smaller towns, many people might know the bus driver or even have his phone number and can update you on the current transportation situation. In general, bus service can stop fairly early in the day (around early evening, for example), so plan around this to avoid getting stuck somewhere!


Very small villages may have infrequent or no bus service. Also, the bus station you arrive at in a larger town may not be the same one from which the next bus you need departs, so you may need to catch a public bus or taxi across town. Asking around with locals will virtually always get pointed to your destination sooner or later.


Amman has numerous bus stations from which buses to different destinations leave; check individual stage pages for details on how to reach particular places.


JETT buses run according to a schedule and can (and should) be booked in advance to make sure you have a spot. They are generally a bit more expensive than the other buses, but also more comfortable, non-smoking, and sometimes have wi-fi.


Travel around Amman, Aqaba, and other major cities is easily doable by means of very affordable city taxis. Make sure the driver turns on the meter, and you’ll be given a very reasonable price – though this can sometimes be subject to special conditions set by the driver, such as the meter price being doubled late at night or during bad weather. Make sure you’ve settled these terms before getting into the cab to avoid confusion later.


Very important – remember that public bus service is decreased or nonexistent on Fridays! You’ll also want to watch out for bus (and other service) stoppages during the several hours before and after the iftar meal each day at sundown during Ramadan, and during the first day of the festivals of Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. Other national holidays might result in reduced bus service as well. Bad weather (sometimes including rain) can also stop buses from running, and snow is almost guaranteed to bring all public transportation to a halt.


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